We are excited to announce that Coeus Institute has appointed Dr. Fahim K Sufi as our new Chief Technology Officer!

With over 20 years of experience leading the design, development and implementation of large-scale enterprise technology solutions, Dr. Sufi brings a wealth of expertise to this role. He has led the delivery of major data migration solutions and enterprise architecture initiatives for government organizations including the Department of Defense and Department of Health. He holds a master’s degree in engineering computer systems & System Architecture, a PhD in Computer Science, and an advanced certifications in Project and R&D management. He is also a prolific researcher having published dozens of papers on developing intelligent systems to automate and enhance complex data analysis and knowledge discovery.

As CTO, Dr. Sufi will spearhead our efforts to push the boundaries of AI and pattern discovery. He will guide the continued development of our flagship product GERA and other experimental pattern recognition systems. We look forward to leveraging his technical leadership and experience managing complex programs as we advance our mission of revolutionizing data analytics through AI.