Coeus Institute, a pioneer in AI-driven data analysis and pattern discovery, is thrilled to announce the addition of two new members to its advisory board: Rob Kee and Dan Smith.

Rob Kee, appointed as a Senior Advisor, brings an unparalleled breadth of knowledge and experience. Prior to joining Coeus, he served 30+ years in the federal government, where he rose to the highest level in the US Intelligence Community.  Parallelling his role with Coeus, Rob also spent several years in DC, interfacing with the senior-most levels of the White House, Congress, and the Inter-Agency.

Dan Smith joins as an Expert Advisor, offering his extensive experience in driving business growth and operational excellence. His distinguished career, marked by strategic vision, includes critical roles within the U.S. Intelligence Community and leading IT initiatives for the federal government​​.

Since its inception in 2022, Coeus Institute has been at the forefront of engineering advanced data automation systems to revolutionize data analytics. Named after the Greek Titan of intelligence, Coeus Institute is dedicated to developing automated systems that enhance pattern discovery, opening new avenues for data understanding​​.

The addition of Kee and Smith is a testament to Coeus’s commitment to excellence and strategic growth. Their expertise will be instrumental in guiding the institute towards new horizons in data intelligence.

For more information about Coeus Institute and its transformative work, please visit Coeus Institute’s About Us Page.




Coeus Institute is committed to leading the charge in the field of pattern discovery and data analysis. Leveraging cutting-edge automation techniques and machine learning technologies, Coeus Institute transforms vast amounts of data into actionable insights, driving progress and innovation across various industries​