Coeus Institute is proud to announce our newest strategic partner! 

Xiid Corp stands as a pivotal strategic partner to Coeus Institute, enhancing our security infrastructure and ensuring secure, seamless access to our systems’ data lakes for our clients. Leveraging Xiid’s cutting-edge Zero Knowledge Networking (ZKN) solutions, we offer a fortified environment against cyber threats, emphasizing credential-less access to critical resources. Xiid’s innovative approach merges Zero Trust Networking with Zero Knowledge Proofs, providing a secure framework that complements our existing security measures without compromising sensitive information. Key features such as Credential-less Authentication and SealedTunnel Access directly align with Coeus’ commitment to data integrity and security. The integration of Xiid’s solutions enables Coeus to maintain a secure, scalable architecture, ensuring our AI and data analytics services are both robust and accessible. This collaboration with Xiid underscores our dedication to adopting advanced security protocols, reinforcing our ability to deliver top-tier services securely and efficiently to our clients.

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