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Coeus Institute stands as more than just a name; it symbolizes our dedication and mission. Inspired by Coeus, the Greek Titan of intellect, we echo his pursuit of knowledge discovery in today’s era of data and technology.

Our mission extends beyond the traditional scope of an R&D company, embodying a profound commitment to pushing the frontiers of intelligent automation and applied artificial intelligence. This is why we proudly bear the title “Institute” – to signify our role as a nexus where groundbreaking research converges with practical solutions, fueling strategic insights across various industries.

At Coeus, we unlock the true value of data, turning it into a wellspring of actionable insights for informed decision-making. Our sophisticated systems guide organizations through a seamless journey from data collection to strategic implementation, ensuring a clear path towards success in an increasingly complex world. Here’s how we achieve this:

Begin with Broad Horizons: Our initial step is to gather data from diverse sources, tapping into the rich vein of open-source intelligence (OSINT) that surrounds us every day.

Structure from Chaos: Through intelligent automation, we distill this vast data ocean into structured, meaningful summaries, ready for deeper analysis.

Decipher the Data Code: Leveraging proprietary algorithms, our systems meticulously processes the data to generate deep understandings, unlocking the true essence of information.

Discover Meaningful Correlations: Going beyond basic pattern recognition, our systems focus on uncovering significant correlations that offer deep insights and a richer understanding of the data.

Insight into Strategy: The culmination of our process is the transformation of these discoveries into high-value, actionable intelligence, enabling organizations to make strategic, data-informed decisions.

Our Flagship

GERA is a USPTO patent pending & user-friendly solution that transforms event data into actionable insights through sophisticated automation methods. This innovative approach allows you to strategize with unmatched accuracy and speed. GERA automates the collection, summarization, and interpretation of global news, enabling you to swiftly spot correlations in a rapidly changing world.

Our Solutions

We develop a range of system-solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses and organizations in various industries. From defense to business intelligence, our enterprise technologies help organizations leverage their data to gain both a strategic edge and immediate insight.


VERA utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to meticulously examine and assess videos for any signs of artificial alterations. Can be used by news organizations seeking to validate content, for LE agencies looking to ensure the integrity of evidence, or insurance companies aiming to verify claims.


SOUL is currently in pre-patent development.  Please stay tuned for more details!


LEAP leverages advanced AI and data visualization techniques to demystify the U.S. political landscape. It allows interested parties to uncover hidden themes, understand broader patterns, and citizens to engage in informed civic participation. By providing transparency and insight into the political world, LEAP has the potential to revolutionize how we perceive and interact with politics.


CINE (Corporate Insight & Navigation Engine) leverages artificial intelligence to aggregate and visually represent comprehensive data from the Fortune 1000 landscape over the past century. CINE provides an interactive visual interface that allows users to explore data dynamically, revealing hidden market patterns and providing deep insights into business dynamics.


GERA processes real-time news, generates understandings of events , and allows users to visualize how world events relate to their operations, workflows, forecasts, finances, and business goals. GERA simplifies the discovery of patterns between global events and user data, enabling better predictive power, risk management, and data-driven decision making.

Solving the Data:Value Problem

At Coeus Institute, we tackle the challenge of insight-waste due to data overload by developing data-automation systems like GERA. These systems autonomously analyze qualitative datasets, help to identify hidden correlations, spotlight patterns, and reveal actionable insights. With our solutions, businesses, agencies, and organizations can quickly extract meaningful intelligence from complex datasets, overcoming the limitations of traditional data analysis methods.

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R&D Team

Our team represents all facets of culture, gender, race, education level, and socioeconomic background.  If you are the best at a particular skill within our solution set, we want you!

Our staff is composed of highly gifted Data Scientists, System Architects, Content Analysts, Statisticians, Full-stack Developers, AI Engineers, Programmers, Researchers, and Intelligence Experts.

Leveraged by the combined education & experience spanning multiple sectors and industries, our talented staff helps Coeus continue to remain at the vanguard of intelligent automation.

Strategic Partners

Microsoft’s partnership with Coeus Institute exemplifies our shared dedication to pioneering AI and data analytics. Leveraging the Azure ecosystem, including Dataverse, cognitive services, and OpenAI API, Coeus offers scalable, advanced solutions. Microsoft’s marketplace sponsorship enables us to connect directly with our specialized audience, reinforcing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology to the financial sector, national intelligence, and defense departments.

Xiid partners with Coeus Institute to fortify our digital infrastructure, ensuring our clients’ secure access to data lakes with innovative Zero Knowledge Networking (ZKN) solutions. This collaboration brings credential-less access and sealed tunnel technologies to our system solutions, enhancing network security without compromising data integrity. Xiid’s integration offers a scalable, secure environment, crucial for our AI and analytics services. Through this strategic partnership, Coeus leverages Xiid’s advanced security features, such as continuous monitoring and least-privilege access, streamlining secure service delivery to our clients.

Distributed Technology Group (DTG) stands as a cornerstone partner for Coeus Institute, significantly broadening our influence and capabilities in essential sectors. DTG’s comprehensive contract vehicles provide Coeus with unmatched entry to domestic and federal agencies, facilitating the deployment of our sophisticated AI and data analytics technologies to crucial governmental entities. DTG’s consultancy also critically informs our national strategy, ensuring that our innovations meet the highest level of strategic and security demands. This collaboration bolsters Coeus Institute’s role in driving technological progress at the national level, laying a solid groundwork for mutual growth and innovation.

Here to Help

At Coeus Institute, we are proud to serve a diverse array of industries, each with its unique challenges and opportunities. From empowering executives with strategic insights for informed decision-making to equipping advisers and consultants with advanced analytics for deeper market understanding, our intelligently automated data products are designed to transform complexity into clarity. We stand as a strategic ally for private and public organizations, enhancing operational efficiency and fostering innovation through data-driven insights. In the critical domains of defense and intelligence, we deliver solutions that enhance situational awareness and predictive intelligence, safeguarding national security. 

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